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Sunrise Companies is a Veteran Owned Business recognized by the State of New Jersey as a licensed contractor. Headquartered in Washington, New Jersey, Sunrise Companies is a company specializing in service management for the window and door industry. Providing on site service to comply with product warranty, inspections and field service work.
With over 30 years of industry experience, the founder of Sunrise wanted to build a window and door service firm offering best-in-class services that exceed client expectations. Through the effective use of project management, the Sunrise team is able to control and manage a large volume of service request project(s) to the advantage of our clients. Our team of professionals are among the very best in the industry and provide a streamlined and dedicated approach. Time and time again, clients recognize the added value Sunrise has to offer through the repeat business they entrust to us.
In working closely with major window and door manufacturers, the Sunrise team has a service area throughout the Tri-State including Delaware and Virginia
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