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Specializing in the window & door industry for over 200 dog years. Now you know we’ve been around awhile. It’s so important to have your window and doors working properly for safety, security, efficiency and piece of mind. No matter what problem you might have with your windows or doors there are options available to you. If for example your glass is foggy or broken most likely you don’t need a new window for several reasons. First your windows are older and a new window won’t match the ones in your home. Second the cost of new windows will surprise you, not to mention the length of time ordering and then the disruption to your home. Don’t forget the time you’ll have to take off from work. Most repairs can be accomplished within the day. If you are looking into repairs because your thinking of selling then you should know that people interested in buying a home look for consistency. We offer that consistency by providing service to keep a similar look throughout the home. No matter what problem you are confronted with let Sunrise Companies offer a solution that will best resolve your concerns.

 The reason doesn’t matter why you need service. It’s the fact that you do. While researching to find a company to resolve the problem you found us. We are glad you stopped in to check out our website to see if we can help. Don’t forget with over 200 dog years in business I’m sure we can help you. Please fill out the contact us form (which is the red tab in the bottom right corner). Send us a picture of what you need help with so we can supply you with the answer’s you need promptly.

Andersen Windows, SilverlinePlyGem, Simonton, Patriot, Marvin, Weathershield, Pella, Lincoln, Hurd, Superseal and windows you have no idea who made them are gladly serviced.

We hope this will help you to decide to have Sunrise Companies come out to determine what’s wrong, what it’s gonna take to fix & how much.

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