Have your move go smoothly while your getting ready for change.

Servicing your windows and doors will save you thousands of dollars compared to buying new ones. Don’t let a potential buyer tell you that you need to install new windows because a few don’t operate properly or the glass is foggy. If you don’t have the time, energy or money to buy new windows or doors for someone else then consider a repair. 

Option 1 – Have Sunrise assess your window and door issues before anyone comes to look at you property. Guess what? You will no longer have any window or doors problems to report. One less item on the report will allow the potential buyer focus on the beauty of your home. We find that once someone believes several items are bad they assume the rest are also.

Option 2 – Have a home inspection done to show all of your window and door problems. Now everyone knows. The potential buyer will always want you to install new products. You’re selling a used home that the potential buyer should accept as just that “USED” but we all know that’s not how it works. By letting Sunrise repair the issues you’ll be able to save money & close on your home hassle free. Let the buyer imagine their family enjoying what you have for all those years. Paperwork gladly furnished to keep your closing on schedule. Don’t let home inspection report ruin your sale.