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Sunrise Companies is a service provider to the window and door industry. We offer the same service for your home or business. Professionally trained service technicians perform the work. Repairs can be made at a fraction of the cost vs. buying new. Most repairs can be done with a quick turnaround time. 


With over 30 years in business Sunrise Companies takes pride in providing prompt, professional & courteous service for all your window and door needs. Have you ever had your windows or doors repaired before? It’s not uncommon to be considering the idea for the first time. The good news is that Sunrise can help. We find all kinds of reasons for failed products; from improper installations to manufacturers defects. Fixing the problems now will allow you to enjoy the fresh air while eliminating hazards associated with failed components. More often a repair will work out better and cheaper than getting a new window. If you had a flat tire on your car you don’t go buy a new car, you fix the tire. From time to time accidents happen; whether you need maintenance or have an emergency. Call us at 908-689-8666.


When you have a failed product that still has a manufacturer’s warranty the company sends you a replacement part as long as you can give them the details they are asking for. Once this is accomplished they send you the part. OK, now what? You need someone to install it. Sunrise Companies will install your new parts and make any adjustments needed for proper operation. The warranty expired and the parts are still available. We will gladly install the parts. Don’t know what you’re doing and need some guidance?  We are always willing to help.  Our no pressure approach to offering solutions makes for an enjoyable conversation so you feel educated about the situation. You decide what’s best for you and we’ll take care of the rest.


Whatever the issue is, let’s talk about a solution. Sunrise will offer a cost-effective way to fix the problem. We’d like to get one thing perfectly clear…. Your Windows! 


Have your move go smoothly while getting ready for change. Don’t let a potential buyer tell you that you need to install new windows because a few don’t operate properly. Insulated or tempered glass that is foggy, cracked, cloudy, broken, or has seal failure can be resolved without buying a whole new window. If you don’t have the time, energy or money to buy new windows or doors for someone else then consider a repair. Option 1 – Have Sunrise assess your window and door issues before anyone comes to look at your property. Correcting the problems will allow the potential buyer to focus on the beauty of your home. Option 2 – Get a home inspection  to show all of your window and door problems. Now everyone knows. The potential buyer will always want you to install new products. You’re selling a used home that the potential buyer should accept as just that “USED” but we all know that’s not how it works. By letting Sunrise repair the issues you’ll be able to save money & close on your home hassle free. Let the buyer imagine their family enjoying what you have for all those years. Paperwork gladly furnished to keep your closing on schedule. Don’t let home inspection report ruin your sale. 



 While living in a condo or townhome has great advantages, each community has a set of guidelines for you to follow. One of them is that you’re responsible for the windows. Many people are dissatisfied with the windows in their home. These windows are referred to as builder’s grade windows which seem to always have something wrong. One cost effective way to resolve the issues you’re having is to service the windows which will allow them work properly again. Your other option is to replace all the windows. Since your development has so many other identical units it’s hard to justify spending thousands of dollars more than your neighbor. Service is the preferred method to all window and door issues. You won’t need any type of board approval either.


  We service all of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Your only source for home town friendly service. You’ve probably seen one of our service trucks in your area. Sunrise Companies is a trusted brand by many manufacturers of window and door products. To represent any brand while at your home or business we have strict guidelines in place to communicate with the client, offer updates as required, be professional in our workmanship and review our work with you upon completion. Factory trained, fully insured and courteous service is what you can expect by choosing Sunrise Companies. So, if you’re looking for a company that can resolve your window and door issues look no further.



Our trucks are stocked with Andersen parts for fast service. 


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